Getting Involved

Welcome to Kirtland Air Force Base and the Kirtland Spouses’ Club! We are here for two reasons:

  1. To offer support to spouses of Active Duty personnel, Reserves, National Guard members, military retirees, on-base contractors and government employees. We are an all-ranks club. We do this through social support during monthly activities, opportunities to build leadership skills and resume experience, and ways to volunteer at our Thrift Shop, Board of Governors, or other events.
  2. To sponsor charitable, educational, and welfare projects at Kirtland Air Force Base, the local Albuquerque community, and national organizations. We do this by raising funds through our Thrift Shop and distributing the funds through grants. We abide by our 501(c)3 regulations.

Membership dues are only $40/year in order to ensure that everyone can be a member who wants to be. Social events are free or low-cost.

Interested in becoming a member and serving on the Board of Governors? Let us know! We are seeking to fill the following positions for the upcoming year:

2017‐2018 Exec Board:
 President – Frank Capuano
 Executive SecretaryOpen
 Admin Treasurer – Open
 V.P. Events – Amber Tracy
 V.P. Communications – Open
 Welfare Treasurer – Marian Southall
 V.P. WelfareOpen
 V. P. Community – Laura Campbell

2017‐2018 Appointed Positions:
 ParliamentarianOpen
 Membership – Open
 Publicity – Open
 Historian – Shannon Dyer
 Mini‐Club Chair – Open
 Member at Large – Open
 Service Chair – Open
 Scholarship Chair – Sabrina Dalton
 Grants Chair – Lenore Sutton
 Thrift Shop Liaison – Open

KSC Board Application – 2017-2018

Applications can be mailed to our Membership Chair or brought with you to the next KSC event. Cash or check are accepted; please make checks payable to: “Kirtland Spouses’ Club.”


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